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Congressman Michael Burgess (R-TX) Addresses Tax Patentability Legislation

Last fall, TSCPA joined AICPA and other state societies in a comprehensive call-to-action plan to key federal decision makers to act and co-sponsor the Patentability of Tax Planning Methods Act (H.R. 2584). If passed, H.R. 2584 would amend the current federal patent law and limit the ability to patent a tax planning method.

Congressman Michael Burgess (R-TX) received the letter and recently addressed the issue, and provided a status on the legislation. The Senate has a broader comprehensive patent bill (S. 515) that we continue to watch as well.

Download From Congressman Burgess

TSCPA Urges Quick Response on Estate Tax Legislation

TSCPA recently issued a request to Texas Members of Congress, for urgent action on estate and generation-skipping transfer tax legislation. TSCPA did not comment on various proposals, but asked that they act quickly to provide certainty for taxpayers and advisors pending permanent legislation.


ReadTSCPA's Letter to Texas Members of Congress