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Understanding Your Letter CP 5747C—Taxpayer’s Requirement to Authenticate Identity in Person

During a recent conference call that included representatives from TSCPA’s Relations with IRS Committee, the local IRS stakeholder liaison addressed Letter CP 5747C and discussed that a number of tax preparers’ clients are receiving this new letter requiring them to physically go to a Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) to authenticate their identity. Some preparers have questioned the legitimacy of the letter and why, with a Power of Attorney on file, they could not conduct the validation on behalf of their clients.

The CP 5747C is a legitimate IRS letter issued as part of the Taxpayer Protection Program. Because these taxpayer returns have already been flagged for potential identity theft, enhanced authentication procedures are necessary to avoid inadvertent unauthorized disclosure of personal data.

Clients receiving a CP 5747C should call 844-545-5640 to make an appointment at their local TAC. (All TACs now operate by appointment only.) The taxpayer should indicate to the customer service representative if any special circumstances need to be considered when making the appointment.

The stakeholder liaison has elevated the issue, requesting that the letter be posted to on the “Understanding Your Notices” webpage. She also has forwarded practitioners’ suggestion that Certified Acceptance Agents be allowed to conduct the validation process.


Margie Manietta

As a CPA I don't understand why with a power of attorney for my client, I cannot verify their identities? And if that can't happen why there are not more agents available for appointments? Why do honest taxpayers have to wait 4-6 weeks for an appointment to verify who they are?

Makala German

So I understand what I need to take for this appointment but what will they do and about how long is it going to take, I can't afford to miss to much work and have got to drive 1 and a half hours to the nearest office

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