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EFTPS System Password Update

Log-in changes are coming to the online Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) for enhanced security. Effective Sept. 19, 2019, the IRS is implementing new password requirements for those making federal tax payments electronically:

  • The IRS will require a 13-month password expiration policy – your password expires after 13 months from the time it was changed.
  • The password must be 12-30 characters and follow the EFTPS guidelines:
    • At least one uppercase letter (A, B, C, etc.)
    • At least one lowercase letter (a, b, c, etc.)
    • At least one number (1, 2, 3, etc.)
    • One of the following characters (!, @, #, $,*, +,-)
    • No double characters (no 2 consecutive characters can be the same)
    • Must not be the same as any of the five previous passwords used 

If you have not updated your password in the past 13 months or you have a system-generated password, your payment will be rejected until you update your password on the EFTPS website.


Patty Wyatt

Mary, we cannot speak on behalf of the IRS. See if you can locate your needs at:

Mary Haymans

How do I go about finding or replacing my Pin number with the IRS' EFPTS. I called and was put on hold for over an hour then I finally hung up the phone. I guess I will need to replace my password. What if I forgotten it. I have it save in the system login. I sent my payment off in the mail with my returns for the last couple of Quarters because I don't know my pin.

Please Guided me in the right direction

Patty Wyatt

Bess Robbins, you will need to contact Quickbooks.

Bess Robbins

After updating the password, is there a pending period? Quickbooks is now saying the eftps info doesn't match even though I've updated the internet password and pin in both QB and

Jeanne B Smith Bikesmiths

I did not see this notice until I got a message that I had not paid my 941 for three months. They got my reports but did not accept my payments from Quickbooks. I got the usual message from quick books that I have always got saying that it had gone through. Yes it did tell me to check back in a few days to confirm but since this had never been a problem for a decade, I didn't realize the payment had been rejected. Now I am looking at a $599 penalty in the middle of the Corona Pandemic. It seems to me they accepted my form but not my payment because of a Password that if stolen would have put my account at risk not the government.

I will write an appeal. Do you have any suggestions on what grounds I might get forgiveness?

Joan Flowers

I have changed my password twice and all that happens is the little wheel goes round and round and never connects me to the payment section. I have been paying online since 2012 and I don't understand why the system is not working. I called and they were no help and have no idea what I am talking about.

Maria Martinez

Are you aware of any penalty pardons if payments were rejected due to the expired passwords?

Ryan Bartholomee, CPA, CGMA

Cindy, Intuit QuickBooks shared with users.

/Patty Wyatt


Why can I not find any of the information on the EFTPS site?

Peg Breeding

Hi, Julie Dale. Please change your post to these requirements per website :
• The password must be 12-30 characters and follow the EFTPS guidelines:
o At least one uppercase letter (A, B, C, etc.)
o At least one lowercase letter (a, b, c, etc.)
o At least one number ( 1, 2, 3, etc.)
o One of the following characters (!, @, #, $, *, + ,-)
o No double characters (no 2 consecutive characters can be the same)
o Must not be the same as any of the 5 previous passwords used

Patty Wyatt

Majda, here is the link to the IRS' EFTPS contact page:


I do have a hard time reset my password. Please can you help ?

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