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IRS Announces Program of Face-to-Face Meetings with Taxpayers to Ensure Compliance

Last month, the IRS issued Fact Sheet (FS) 2019-15 to announce a program in which revenue officers will visit taxpayers with ongoing tax issues to gather financial information and to potentially request payment.

The FS states: “The IRS routinely conducts these face-to-face visits. The primary factors of these visits are to make contact with taxpayers who have a previously known tax issue that wasn't resolved through mail contact. The first face-to-face contact from a revenue officer is almost always unannounced.”

CPAs with clients who have filing and payment issues should ensure that the taxpayers have current Powers of Attorney (POAs) on file to include all forms and years that might be of concern. These clients should be notified of the possibility that they may be visited unannounced by IRS personnel. If they are contacted by the IRS, the taxpayers should inform the IRS officer that they do have a POA on file and the officer must contact the taxpayer’s representative.





The IRS intends to provide in-person contacts for collection cases, but you still aren't able to get in-person contact for most IRS audits and appeals. Recall that the IRS Office of Appeals announced a similar initiative for in-person appeals conferences about a year ago (see A year later, it is still hard to get an in-person appeals conference. Maybe you have to wait for the IRS collector to come out and challenge the tax liability using the CDP process....

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