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By Kathy Ploch, CPA-Houston

The IRS sent an alert to tax professionals on May 4, 2022, stating its plans to migrate a set of online services to this summer despite the objections raised by Congress, AICPA, TXCPA and other tax professional organizations.

Some of the products and applications that will be impacted are the e-File Application, Transcript Delivery System (TDS) and the Secure Object Repository (SOR). The IRS is asking practitioners to prepare for this migration by setting up an account now using the Tax Pro Account. The IRS will no longer authenticate identity or establish accounts by phone effective June 15. If you are unable to register an account online after the cutoff, you must wait for the new e-Services’ to open this summer.

Commissioner Charles Rettig discussed at a Senate oversight hearing about the IRS’ plans to transition from to the federal government’s own service. He stated that it does not yet have the capacity to handle all their online services’ activity, but the IRS is working to improve the range.

On an IRS Online Services webcast May 19, presenters mentioned the migration very briefly. They also wanted to remind practitioners that the e-Services and the Tax Pro Account are two separate online services, although you can utilize the same log-in information for both. Your clients can also sign up for their own online account. IRS Product Manager Kirk Crawford said that the IRS is continuing to add new features to the account such as certain notices and viewing payment history.


IRS e-Services migration 5-4-22 data


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