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IRS Averaging One Year on ID Theft Case Resolution

In a recent meeting with the IRS and other stakeholder liaisons, TXCPA received news that the IRS’ identity theft claims can take up to one year to resolve. Generally, responses to Form 14039 (or 14039-B), Identity Theft Affidavit, were at 120 days. However, the IRS Mission-critical Functions webpage indicates that due to inventory and pandemic-related delays, response time to taxpayers who filed affidavits is taking up to 350 days on average. The IRS asks that taxpayers not submit a duplicate form.


Terry A Hobbs

An average of 350 days is doubtful. I have one, ongoing per taxpayer, that started in 2012 and no resolution
has been received from the IRS. In 2017, the IRS officer in charge of his case, told me that they had received
over a dozen tax returns with his Social Security number and name, with filings in every Service Center, for the tax year of 2011. The IRS is sending him a PIN number each year, without his request.
I know of at least 3 others, clients of mine, that still has their cases pending for over 5 years.
There are a lot of taxpayer (and other people) that do not trust the IRS, with good causes that I have heard.
What is my background. Started doing tax returns in November, 1967. Have been a CPA for over 50 years.
Have had my own practice for almost 40 years. Have helped on state and local committees for most of these years, including chairing most of these committees at least once.

Kathryn Isbell

How many years is the IRS going to use the "COVID" excuse for their inability to get their act together? I'm fed up with their excuses and bureaucracy!

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