IRS First Friday Hot Issues Summary - March Edition
TXCPA Committee Still Concerned with Proposed Regs on RMDs of Inherited IRAs

The Dirty Dozen

Here they are, the list that the IRS calls “The Dirty Dozen.” The IRS indicates that the scams are running rampant, so practitioners and taxpayers should beware!   


 For a detailed description of each scam, please refer to the list below:

  1. IR-2023-67, Dirty Dozen: Beware of abusive tax avoidance schemes
  2. IR-2023-65, Dirty Dozen: Watch out for schemes aimed at high-income filers; Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts, monetized installment sales carry risk
  3. IR-2023-63, Dirty Dozen: Watch out for Offer in Compromise "mills" where promoters claim their services are needed to settle IRS debts
  4. IR-2023-62, Dirty Dozen: IRS urges tax pros and other businesses to beware of spearphishing; offers tips to avoid dangerous common scams
  5. IR-2023-61, Dirty Dozen: Taking tax advice on social media can be bad news for taxpayers; schemes circulating involving tax forms
  6. IR-2023-59, Dirty Dozen: IRS warns individuals to stay clear of shady tax preparers; offers tips on carefully choosing tax professionals
  7. IR-2023-57, Dirty Dozen: IRS warns of scammers using fake charities to exploit taxpayers
  8. IR-2023-55, Dirty Dozen: Watch out for third-party promoters of false fuel tax credit claims
  9. IR-2023-54, Dirty Dozen: IRS warns of scammers offering “help” to set up an Online Account; creates identity theft risk for honest taxpayers
  10. IR-2023-51, Dirty Dozen: Watch out for scammers using email and text messages to try tricking people during tax season
  11. IR-2023-49, IRS opens 2023 Dirty Dozen with warning about Employee Retention Credit claims; increased scrutiny follows aggressive promoters making offers too good to be true

Dirty Dozen: IRS scam list includes spear-phishing warning to tax pros - Journal of Accountancy

Dirty Dozen | Internal Revenue Service (


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